Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Sick-mas!

Jeff: Hello there dear readers. What a crazy week it has been. First I get the walking sick virus for the whole week, and being the incredible father that I am, I pass along to my son his first Christmas cold. His gift? How about a night long hospital stay with a bunch of electrodes hooked to his chest. I love you buddy!

Jeanelle: Yes, sometime Thursday afternoon we realized that Evan was congested and by Friday morning realized that he was really sick. We went to the doctor and got the bad news that our best option was to spend a night in the hospital for observation in order to make sure that Evan was getting enough oxygen and that his cold did not progress further. I've learned a few hard lessons from this experience. 1 - it is unbelievably hard and scary to listen to your baby cough and fight to breath through a stuffy nose knowing there's nothing really that you can do. 2 - we should have listened more to our pediatrician and not taken Evan out so much. 3 - babies hate to have their snot sucked out. 4 - St. Vincent's hospital does not remotely hold a candle to Clarian North. and 5 - If your husband is sick, and your baby is sick, chances are pretty good that you'll get sick.

Jeff: But today is a new day. All of Evan's vitals were fine aside from the snotty nose and congested chest. So, we're back at home trying to relax with a warm sick boy sleeping on our chest. He is getting better though. Here's wishing everyone a safe and germ free holiday season!

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morgan said...

i'm so glad that evan is doing better & that you guys had a great Christmas! wish i could've seen ya, but glad that he's doing better!

see ya soon!