Monday, December 18, 2006

One Month +

Jeff and I had plans of doing this entry together but every time we sat down to write it something came up and we got distracted. So, while he's watching the Colts game and Evan is finally asleep, I thought I'd get this posted!

Evan is now over a month old and at his doctor's appt on Friday he weighed almost 11 lbs and I think measured 24 inches which is in the 90th percentile - I'm still not sure what all the percentiles mean, but I guess he's tall for his age. Jeff and I don't know where he's gotten his height, probably his Uncle Dave, because we're both pretty short and my family is in the avg category.

Evan is bldg his neck muscles and can push up with his arms when he's on his tummy - he's very strong! He's starting to track objects with his eyes and kind of grab for things - he's amazing! He does this cute thing where he talks to you, sometimes I just sit there playing with him hoping he'll make that noise again! He has more facial expressions now and I have to say he's absolutely adorable!

Every day I love him more and the sad part about his 1 month birthday is that my time at home with him is one third over - am I a pessimist or what?!?!

Well, Christmas is almost here and I'm really looking forward to bringing him downstairs with us on Christmas morning to open presents and begin our own family traditions. Of course this will be the last year that all the presents will be for us, and for that reason we decided to go all out for each other this year - our last hoorah!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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