Monday, December 11, 2006


So, I'm writing this entry during a rare moment of peace and quiet. Evan is taking a nap and I have some time to myself! I don't really have that much to say but figured I'd take the opportunity while I had it. Something that Jeff and I definitely want to say to all of you is thank you for all of the meals that you've been providing us! I haven't had to do anything more than warm something up since we've been home and it has been so nice. I'm still figuring out how to multi-task, so it's been nice to not cook while taking care of Evan.

Being a stay at home mom definitely has its challenges, but I can say that every day gets easier. He seems to be developing some type of routine and I'm beginning to figure that out more. Another huge blessing has been that he has his days and nights right, so he usually goes back to sleep at night after eating with little trouble. Evan doesn't really like to nap or go to bed the first time around though, it seems that he doesn't want to miss anything, those are usually his fussy times.

Last week Evan and I got out together quite a bit and I'm feeling much more comfortable with the stroller and car seat. Although I've been very disappointed at all the stores that don't have car seat compatible shopping carts! This Friday we'll be going to Evan's one month check up with his pediatrician. I can't believe a month has passed, but we can say that we've survived those first few weeks and I feel good about that!

No pictures today but I'm sure there will be some soon . . .

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Pam said...

Hey sis! I am at work and just thought I would tell you how proud of you I am. I know all of this is new and uncharted territory for you and Jeff. But rest assured you are both doing great! And Evan is the most precious thing I have ever seen, of course I am biased!!! I love you all very much.

Your sister
Pam :)