Wednesday, December 06, 2006

We Survived

So yesterday was Evan and I's first day out by ourselves. We met my friends Jenny and Kelli for lunch and then we went shopping at Old Navy. It started out as a disaster but it did get better. I never knew how hard it was to get a baby ready to go out by yourself and then loading the car when he's crying...When I got in the car I started to cry because I wasn't sure I could do it - I was stressed and was sure I'd put the car seat in wrong. But as soon as we got on the road I started to feel better and even though I had to make a few calls to Jeff so he could remind me how to use the stroller, the rest of the day was pretty uneventful and I think I did an ok job. Every day I find a new level of respect for all the moms out there - motherhood is a hard job, harder than I ever realized - today I was just happy I found extra time to clip my toe nails! I'm always so relieved when Jeff gets home and I have help - I don't know how single mothers survive. I have several friends who are now moms of little ones and I view them as yodas - I'm always wanting to know how they've come out the other side and made it look so easy. They've all been so helpful, even if it's just to remind me that Evan is unique and I have to get to know what works for him!

Today is Evan's three week birthday, which means I only have 10 more weeks left at home. My guess is as soon as I'm feeling confident and comfortable being a mom, my 10 weeks will be up and I'll have to deal with all the feelings about leaving him - I guess I'll save that for another day though.

Well, today we're going to lunch with Katherine and then our friend Shayna is going to take some pictures of Evan - which means I'll be dressing him in something other than our go to snap up outfit with footsies, I'm sure he'll love it! Oh, and speaking of pictures, here are some great pics that my brother in law Tim took of Evan at Thanksgiving - Enjoy!!

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Anonymous said...

He sure is a cutie...I can't believe he is three weeks old already! I know only to well how you are feeling about leaving the house...tomorrow will be my first journey out alone with the girls...last time it took my mom, sister and I two hours to get them ready to is crazy, but I love them! Hang in there it gets easier!