Sunday, January 21, 2007

Lazy Sunday

Jeanelle: We're learning how important routines are. Yesterday Evan's routine was a little off so last night he didn't sleep very well. We're taking today to get him back on schedule.

Jeff: We didn't sleep well either. Learning a routine is a difficult thing. Pretty soon we'll have a new one with Jeanelle going back to work, which means less sleep for both of us, yeah!

Jeanelle: Yuck - I hate thinking about going back to work, so let's change the subject.

Jeff: On a completely different note, I'll be trying not to act like a crazy person in front of my son tonight as I cheer on the Colts ... more like nervously hoping they don't choke ... again. You'd think this would be a fun experience, but I dread it.

Jeanelle: I really hope they win, if not, Jeff will be in a very sour mood for an as yet
undetermined amount of time.

Jeff: Not as much as you'd think, I'm used to this. That being said, if you see a huge bonfire behind our condo tonight with little bits of blue jersey flying in the sky, you'll know the Colts lost.

Jeanelle: Currently Evan is hanging out in his swing after being woke up from his nap by the snow removal crew outside his window. That did not make us happy because he had been sleeping peacefully and we were using that time to watch a movie. Usually he naps in his crib, but we might have to let him finish today's nap in the swing. Anyway, enjoy the pictures. One of them is Evan experiencing his first big snow (don't worry, he was only out there for 2 minutes!)


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morgan said...

Yay! The Colts won!

Evan looks so thrilled to be enjoying his 1st snow....oh wait..scratch that...he doesn't.