Wednesday, January 17, 2007

2 months and 14 pounds!!

We can't believe it, but Evan weighs 14 pounds! Well, actually he is beginning to look a little "full figured." He no longer wears 0-3 mos clothes. I put almost all of them away and reorganized his closet so that the 3-6 mos clothes are up front. When I was at the doctor's office there was a new mom there with her one week old baby and he was sooo tiny (probably smaller than Evan was to start with) and even though I'm glad Evan is out of the "newborn" stage, it made me a little sad to realize how fast he's growing up. We're looking forward to all the milestones to come, but hopefully we won't be buying 6-9 mos clothes next month, he'll stay in his #2 diapers a little longer, and we'll be able to relish his "baby" stage for a few more months!

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