Monday, February 19, 2007

14 Weeks Till Summer

Yes, this morning I counted! So, I went back to work last week and it went better than I expected. The worst part was dropping him off in the morning - he gave me this huge smile when I went to kiss him. That made it even harder to leave him and of course I cried the entire way to work. One of the teachers stopped me that morning to chat and all she did was ask me how he was and I started crying in the middle of the hallway - I don't even know her very well. Overall, though, it was a fairly smooth adjustment and once the day got going, it almost felt like I had never left. I know that summer is right around the corner and with hopefully trying to sell our condo and buy a house before then it's going to go by very fast!

Evan is doing some new things. He's started reaching more for things and can grab an object with both hands. He keeps getting better at tummy time but he's only rolled over one more time. I'm a little anxious for when he gets more mobile - we'll have to be a lot more careful about where we put him. Evan's going on his first big roadtrip this weekend. We're going to Evansville to visit Jeff's family. We're very excited for him to see Grandma again. There's so much to think about and pack when you have a baby though! I wonder if Evan will want to make his own Ipod roadtrip mix like Jeff and I usually do . . . Anyway, he's wonderful as always and gets cuter by the day!

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morgan said...

we just watched the departed last night...really good movie. we also have running w/ scissors, finally! i'm excited to get to finally watch that.