Monday, February 12, 2007

Reflections . . .

Dear Evan,

Our friends like to joke about how I've changed since you were born, but they're right, I have changed - I've become your mother. I was so scared and unsure about being a parent. I was worried we weren't ready, that I was too selfish, and that I wouldn't know how to take care of you. But during those first few weeks the worries started to fade as I realized how much I loved you and wanted more than anything to be a good mom. Now I can't imagine life without you and wouldn't want to.

Tomorrow I go back to work. I've been trying to be as positive as possible, but I am going to miss you so much and hate the idea of being away from you. I have enjoyed these last three months more than I even thought I could. I don't know many babies, but I think you're the sweetest, cutest baby God ever made. I'll probably look at your picture a hundred times tomorrow and will want to smile and cry each time I do.

I promise that I will come home to you as soon as possible each day and that we are going to have a very fun summer together that will make all this time worth it. Your dad and I have decided that after this summer, we'll do whatever necessary for me to be home with you as much as possible and I can't wait!

You'll have a lot of fun with Lindsay and Andrew tomorrow and know that I'll be thinking about you all day and counting the minutes till I pick you up!

I Love you Evan!
- Your Mom

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morgan said...

hey. i hope your 1st almost full wk. went by well. i'm sure you did great. i hope this full wk. goes well for ya! hang in there!