Thursday, February 01, 2007

Please Let Them Win!

Jeff has waited a long time for the Colts to be in a Super Bowl and Sunday is his chance. I say "his chance" because I truly believe that if they lose, he may feel their loss as intensely as Peyton Manning. He can not endure a year's worth of ESPN commentary, sports radio, and online postings discussing all the reasons the Colts can't win the big one. I am also a big fan and stay updated on the world of Pro Football as much as possible - now that I don't "drive" to work, I watch Mike and Mike in the Morning on ESPN to stay caught up. But however much I want them to win is nothing compared to how much I want Jeff to experience them winning. So Jeff, may you see a lot of this picture come Sunday night! Go Colts!!

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Anonymous said...

Only my lovely wife can attest to the depression I will go through and dismal environment I will create if the Colts tank this one.

They must win.

luv u babe,