Monday, February 05, 2007


Well, THAT was another hard game to sit through. One other benefit of the Colt's getting the Lombardi trophy is I get the day off from work. I wonder if our boss really thought we'd win. At any rate, the Colts win and now I can sit here all day and watch all the media types eat crow.

In other news, Evan almost sleapt through the night. He only woke up once to eat and all we had to do was re-swaddle him a few times.

Enjoy this Blue Monday!


morgan said...

Yay Colts!! Now everyone can be in a good mood! How did you manage to get the day off?!

Patrick Laurent said...

This is the best day off ever. It's like a snow day. See you tomorrow. How sweet was that win. Go Colts!!!

The VerWaynes: said...

I'm so happy for my husband!!! He's a serious fan and serious fans deserve a big win now and again. This will be the best off-season ever and he can finally relax!