Monday, February 12, 2007

Valentine's Day

Jeff and I celebrated Valentine's Day on Saturday. I go back to work on the 14th so we decided it would be best to celebrate early. Our friend Jenny came over to babysit and we went on our first real date since having Evan. We've been out together since he was born, but not on an actual date. The evening was great - we saw a movie and then went to one of our favorite restaurants, Amalfi's. Jeff spent time last week working on my present (see pic) and I love it - I cried when he gave it to me. It's a collage of pictures of Evan that I can put on my desk at work. I think I cried because as much as I love the pictures, I don't want those to be the only way I can see Evan all day. He says that whenever he needs a pick-me-up at work he looks at his pictures and the day goes faster - I'll have to trust him on that. Anyway, it was a great night and I love my husband for making it so special!!

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morgan said...

happy v-day! love the collage, & glad you guys got to go out. good luck tomorrow....i'm sure the day will breeze by...only a few hrs. w/o him.