Monday, February 05, 2007

Changing my Outlook

I am currently in my last full week of maternity leave and return to work a week from today. I have been dreading that day for twelve weeks but today I have decided to reframe my return in a positive light. I have decided to focus on the following reasons returning to work can be a positive thing:

1. I will no longer have to dread it.
2. I can resume some type of workout routine and gym attendance - because even though I lost most my baby weight in those first few weeks, I've actually gained about 5 pounds on maternity leave.
3. Returning to work means I'm that much closer to my summer off.
4. Jeff and I can have regular lunches together again and these will be nice times for the two of us without Evan.
5. Spring Break is only a month and a half after I go back and I'm taking that week off.
6. I'll be that much closer to being able to actively look for a part time position for the Fall.
7. My job is very flexible and if I have to return full time to a job, at least it's one with a schedule like mine.

Granted none of these reasons make leaving him "worth it" but they have allowed me to gain some perspective and definitely give me something to help get through the next few months.

On a different note, Congratulations to Jeff's co-worker Patrick and his wife Maya who had their baby boy this morning! We can't wait to meet Zane!

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morgan said...

look how strong he is holding himself up! good outlook jeanelle!