Friday, March 09, 2007

We got our first laugh!

There are a few noteworthy firsts to include in this post, but the best is Evan's first laugh. It happened Thursday night while we were having dinner and not five minutes before that we were actually talking about when we would finally hear him laugh. Jeff was making funny noises to occupy Evan and out of nowhere he laughed. I swear it was the most precious sound I've ever heard, but maybe that's just the new mom talking. He laughed about three times and we couldn't get enough - we spent the rest of the night trying to recreate that moment. Evan seems to be a late laugher but I think that's because he spends all of his time talking. He's constantly screeching and jabbering and for a long time he's had his own version of a laugh whenever he smiled - But this one was for real and it was so cute!!

There've been some other firsts. He'll be four months old this week and it's amazing to think how many other new things he'll be doing in just two months. This week we went for our first walk in the stroller without the carseat and he hung out in an exersaucer for the first time. He seems to like the exersaucer because he's standing up and able to look around at different things. That makes us a little sad because we'll probably be putting up his bouncy seat soon along with his friends, Mr. Bee and Mr. Bear that are attached to his seat. He's spent many hours having in depth and sometimes funny conversations with Mr. Bee and Mr. Bear and I wonder if he'll miss them. I'm excited as I see him experience each new thing, but also sad because I konw we'll never get yesterday back and he's growing so fast! That reminds me to make the most of every cuddle time!!

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morgan said...

we need to keep mr. bear & mr. bee alive! they can't be put away, evan will remember that! you'll have to keep them around in some way :)