Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Ahh...Spring Break

When you work in a school, you never quite lose that school schedule mentality. I still think in terms of semesters and time off at Christmas is still Christmas break, even though I'm really just taking vacation days. Anyway, this is the first time at Midtown that I've actually taken all of spring break off and it's been soo nice! Of course it would figure that only two of these days would be above 40 degrees, but I'm home with Evan and that's what matters!!

We went to go visit Evan's Great Grandmother yesterday (my mom's mom) and that was a lot of fun. She hadn't seen Evan since Christmas and she just loved holding him. She has always been such a wonderful Grandmother and it was fun to see them together, you could tell how much she loved him!

Evan has been a lot of fun this week. I swear that he changes everyday! He's really taking to solids - he's messy, but he eats the cereal very well. We've started two meals/day, with oatmeal in the morning. Next week we'll start vegetables. He was definitely ready for solids - at 4 1/2 mos he easily finishes off his 9 oz bottle and sometimes wants to eat again in three hours!! I'm not sure where he puts it all! He'll be ready for 3 meals/day in no time. He's also gotten better at sitting, he still needs our help, but he's working on it. Oh and teething - we've hit that stage - he's not overly grumpy, but sometimes it comes out of nowhere and he'll chew on anything in reach!

Have I told you that I love being a mom - I can't wait to work part time in the Fall!!

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