Friday, April 06, 2007


Here are some fun pictures of Evan from this week. We surprised Jeff by visiting him at work and Evan had a great time doing Jeff's job. Evan also enjoys listening to his Dad play guitar - today he listened intently to Jeff play for him - I love watching them interact that way! Evan hasn't been sleeping well the last few nights, we think it's because he's teething. Of course this means we haven't been sleeping well either. We had our second showing for the condo today, no offers yet... Spring Break has been so much fun! It's been interesting to see how much easier and fun "being home with him" has gotten in just 6 weeks. I even had time to finish two books this week! I didn't run though, too cold, plus, I was on vacation right?! I need to correct that situation next week - tis the season for cadbury eggs, reeses eggs, Easter m&m's, etc... Finally, it's come time to buy a few toys. Evan keeps getting better at sitting up and he can reach out from this angle to play with things now. We're going to get him some type of block or shape toy. Looking at these pictures, I'm reminded again how big he's getting! Luckily he still loves to cuddle with his mom!!

Also, Congratulations to Jeff's "brother from a different mother" Marc and his wife Dara who recently delivered their healthy baby girl, Shira! She's beautiful and we can't wait to meet her!!

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moottoot said...

very cute pics! glad you had a good break. congrats to marc & dara. grandma was happy to have seen you 2!