Friday, May 25, 2007

He Already Doesn't Like My Cooking

This is Evan's "you're feeding me what?" face. I've started trying to make my own baby food and so far it hasn't been working out. One night I pureed roasted zucchini and squash we were having for dinner and he hated it - everytime the spoon got close to his mouth he clamped shut. I've never seen him turn down food, so he was definitely telling us something! Then tonight I pureed half of a banana I was eating and this is the face we got. He was so relieved when we fed him the rice cereal instead. I don't get it - he's tried Gerber squash and banana and liked them fine. I guess it's the texture, so we'll keep trying. I had to think that this was a premonition of things to come - how will we handle those times when he doesn't want to eat what we're having for dinner...I'm glad we have more time to figure that out!

On a better note, we've started snacky foods like rice cakes, toast, and biter biscuits. He loves those! Of course, he makes a huge mess - especially the biscuits. They turn into gooey brown mush all over his face and sometimes in his hair! He's also exploring the sippy cup - not sure he really gets it yet, but he enjoys playing around with it and I think he likes the cold water on his gums. His two bottom teeth are coming in great but he loves to chew on cold things - the best has been wet washcloths we've put in the refrigerator!

Unrelated to Evan, I got new glasses - I upgraded this time to include the anti-reflection lens. Now you can see my eyes instead of a big glare. I like them, they're pretty similar to my old glasses though. Maybe someday I'll get Lasik - he said to wait until I'm done having kids since your vision can sometimes change when you have a baby, but what doesn't - am I right ladies?

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Travis & Morgan said...

love the face Evan!!