Friday, May 25, 2007

Blog Wars

Ever since VerWaynia got up and running, I've been surprised to see Jeanelle's incredible change from not being at all blog knowledgeable, to total full-on blog-centric. It's opened up a world of communication and new friendships over the past year and has also brought up the inevitable compare and contrast element to things as well.

Like, ”Did you see Patrick's new header design on their blogs? Why don't you do that? You're an artist…“

Well, let this be the first of many changes that happen around here in VerWaynia. I just hope my wife is a more forgiving client than the ones I deal with on a regular basis. ;-)


Maya said...

HA HA HA!!! I LOVE IT!!! I hear I'm not supposed to post things that Pat has done around the house either!


It looks great, Jeff! I love both yours and Patricks. I am jealous now, too, and will have to update mine!!

Jeanelle said...

I love it Jeff!! Now our blog is totally unique and it's your design. This was a big surprise - I had no idea he was doing it (even though I had "shown" him Maya's new header.) I'm so amazed by Jeff's talent, I could never do stuff like this! Maybe Jeff and Patrick should start designing blogs on the side!!

morgan said...

it looks good....i think a blog cult has been started though! :)