Thursday, May 24, 2007

Heroes - can you believe I waited this long...

I kept meaning to share with you my thoughts about the Heroes season finale, but I was already so focused on next season that I forgot. So, a little late, but here it is...Wow, the first season of Heroes was unbelievable! Most of you know I get pretty involved when I watch movies or shows. For example, (I've told this story to many of you) in Goodwill Hunting it ends with Matt Damon's character driving across country to reunite with his leading lady. Well, I saw this movie on a Friday and on Sunday I found myself wondering if he'd gotten to California yet...Yeah, I know, they're not real, but this is how intense I can get - imagine when it's a scary movie - not pretty! Anyway, I've been so hooked on this show and it's somewhat like 24 in the sense that the season follows one story line, so the finale was the time when all your questions got answered! I loved the finale for those reasons, the story has been so awesome, but I did feel like the hour wasn't enough for each scene to be as dramatic as they could have been. I'm obviously very excited for next season and to see Peter Petrelli get more "kick ass!" I've heard that Nathan will be back - word is that he dropped Peter in the ocean after he exploded - Jeff has a pretty good theory about this. I've pre-ordered my copy of the 1st season - 7 discs, lots of extras!! Oh, and the Office finale definitely delivered! Ladies, what about that scene when Jim asks out Pam - I let out a gasp! I've already watched it a few more times!! Well, it's not too late to join the Heroes train - you can watch full episodes on and they'll be keeping up their online graphic novels all summer with new storylines!! Join up next season - you won't regret it!!

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Anonymous said...

For some reason, I hesitate in watching a show in which I am told to save the the cheerleader. Just kidding...
Actually, I will be attempting to watch season one of Heroes and Season one of Lost this summer....thanks for the plug Morgan.
However, if either of you are up for finally putting your big boy pants on and watching a real show - start with season one of 24. There won't be any turning back! :)
Glad to hear that there are House watchers out there....because it is fantastic.
Hey Jeanelle...maybe I missed it when it was on your NetFlix list, but I would recommend Little Children.
Enjoy the Memorial Day weekend and fantastic gas prices!