Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ode to Target

Today we had another showing, so it was time for a Target run. We love Target. Sometimes we go just to walk around - and on a day like today, it's the best place to kill an hour. Plus, let's face it - there's always something you need there. I think Evan likes it too, he's always good at Target. Even if it's been a fussy day, Target makes it all better. Today we had a unique experience while we were there - in the baby section another mom asked me for advice, like I knew something. I was stunned - that's never happened. It was really great to realize that I knew the answer to her question and that the knowledge I've gained in this short time being a mom could be of use to her. I was finally able to give back for all the questions I asked my veteran mom friends during those early months. In the beginning you feel sooo clueless and unsure but somewhere along the way you become the confident mom you never thought you'd be. Honestly, what would we do without each other? God gives us instincts, but He also gives us women who have been there before and can help us along the way. Thank you to all the moms who helped me - you know who you are!

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LadyStahl said...

I really enjoy that we both wrote about Target and I am glad you had another showing!