Saturday, August 11, 2007

"He Said, She Said" Returns

Jeff: Today we packed up a lot of Evan's "baby" toys, clothes, and things he doesn't use anymore. It's weird that he's not yet a year old and we're already getting rid of stuff. It just goes to show you that all the stuff you register for is pretty much useless unless you plan on having another kid....maybe.

Jeanelle: I don't really feel that we've bought him too many toys or clothes, but I couldn't believe how much stuff there was once we started packing. I think he has more clothes than I do. At least he's growing out of his clothes faster than I am.

Jeff: We also got the new cool toys out of the closet that he hasn't played with yet because he wasn't old enough. He still has a long way to go with figuring things out. His only strategy to date with most toys is to beat on them and put them in his mouth. He's too funny.

Jeanelle: Evan is definitely a gross-motor skill baby. He has trouble with things requiring a little finesse. If he would just let go of the couch, Evan could totally walk, but he doesn't wave yet or appear to be using words. Although, Jeff swears he cried "mama" the other day when I left the room...I hope so...that would be his first word. He says dada constantly, but I don't think he's actually referring to Jeff.

Jeff: The one thing that he does really well is gurgle any liquids he happens to be drinking at the time. To him, it is somewhat of an art form. After each swig, he looks at you very coyly and gurgles strange noises. He's the cutest.

Jeanelle: Yes he is!


morgan said...

i agree!

don't get rid of everything, someone might need it in the future, or trade it. sometimes planned parenthood will let you trade stuff you're done w/ for bigger stuff

LadyStahl said...

There are a few Once Upon a Child stores around, one in Avon, Castleton, where they will buy baby stuff and they sell second hand stuff as well. If you are looking to get rid of stuff try there!