Saturday, September 01, 2007

And Then: Memoirs of a Yesterday

After yesterday's display of opulence at Marsh, I came home and started getting our picnic ready for the IMA movie night. While attempting to slice a loaf of ciabatta, I accidentally sliced into my index finger and thumb with a serrated knife - Ouch! Needless to say it was not pretty! Jeff had to come home and take care of my clumsy self, but it wasn't anything a little pressure, elevation, and liquid bandaid couldn't cure.

Evan and I then went to Trader Joes in search of Raspberry Beer - it's outstanding, you should check it out - and of course found several of the gourmet items I had purchased at Marsh for much lower prices...Blasted Marsh! I also picked up some very nice smelling organic shampoo and 69 cent orzo. I really wish I lived closer to Trader Joes, I'd shop there all the time!

My friend Debbie babysat for Evan so we could go to the IMA with friends from our House Church. A couple near us brought their little one and it made me miss Evan. Of course, their baby wasn't crawling and his feet didn't hang out of the stroller when they laid him down, but still....

It was a beautiful night! We had a good time and there was lots of great food. We went with an Antipasto theme - there were marinated olives and mushrooms, fine cheeses, pasta salad, I made a mufaletta sandwich, and of course there was wine. The movie was Monty Python's Search For The Holy Grail and there were a few people there who were obviously big fans!

It turned out to be a good Friday and we were very glad to kick off the long weekend!

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morgan said...

I love Search for the Holy Grail! Sounds like a fun evening.