Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Evan will be going somewhere new soon for daycare. For good reasons, Tandy isn't able to watch him anymore, but one of Jeff's friend's wife does childcare and she has offered. I've been so blessed each time to have people that I know taking care of Evan. I've never had to shop around and check the references of strangers and that's been such a relief!

The person who will be watching him asked me how Evan did with change and new people. That got me thinking. Evan does respond well to routine, but he doesn't mind change and likes new adventures. Apparently he didn't get the change gene from me. It will be sad not seeing Tandy as often, but I know that Evan will like making new friends.

Evan does have a new skill to report. He now kisses on demand. Well, when he feels like it that is. If we say, "Evan, kisses," and then make a kissing sound we'll get a face full of sloppy baby kiss...Other times he'll just look at us as if to say, "yeah, I get it, but I'm not into that right now." He also seems to be developing an attachment to one of his teddy bears, it's really sweet watching him crawl around with it.


Pam said...

That is so cute! Luke carried a crib pillow that had a train on it and it went everywhere with us, even on vacation. I saved the pillow and got it out the other day to show Luke and we laughed at the memory, nice!

morgan said...

I'm glad someone came through for you guys! I know Evan will adapt well, he has so far