Friday, September 28, 2007


Honestly, Jeff and I don't watch a lot of tv, but I've noticed that our tv viewing has increased since becoming parents. I'm sure there are a few reasons for this change, the least of which being we don't "get out" as much. Before Heroes, the only night we watched tv was Thursday. Since then we've obviously added Monday, but there are also shows we DVR and watch on the weekends when we don't feel like committing to a movie. I think tv has improved too, tv seems to rival the movies these days. I've never had the patience for hour long shows (besides Heroes,) but this year there are a few that deserve attention. I felt it was necessary to post my review of the premieres we've watched this week...please enjoy and comment your input if you have any or share others we should check out!

How I Met Your Mother - I think this show is great, the characters are funny and they have great chemistry. It shares some of what made Friends great, but it might be smarter. Mandy Moore's appearance on the premiere was unnecessary in my opinion. I was actually kind of annoyed by her, Enrique was the better product placement. However, I did think the "tramp stamp" was awesome! I love the ongoing mystery of who the "mother" will be and they do a good job fostering that plot without making it seem overwhelming like Ross and Rachel.

Chuck - I'm still a little confused by this show. I like things to fit into categories and it doesn't. My friend Debbie said she heard it described as Alias meets The Office - I would agree with that. It has the elements of a sitcom, but it's an hour long and the plot is more of a drama. It was funny and interesting enough to keep on the DVR schedule. We may have a problem though because HIMYM, Chuck, and Monday night football are all on at the same time. FYI both Chuck and Heroes have encore showings on Saturday night.

Heroes - See previous post. This show is amazing even though the premiere was underwhelming. We waited all last season to finally see all the heroes realize their powers and then come together to fight for a common good, but now they've scattered and we're starting over. Wait for it...I have to believe they'll be back together and fighting "evil" before long.

Bionic Woman - I heard this show was going to be good so we put it on the DVR list - I would definitely agree with that assessment. It's pretty dark and intense and plays out more like a movie. There was very little set-up in this show. It got started right away with heavy drama/suspense and ended with an awesome fight between the two bionic women. I'm not a lifer yet, but I'm going to keep recording it for now.

My Name Is Earl - I don't know how I feel about this one. I'm curious as to how long they'll keep him in prison. Luckily Joy had a big role in this episode. She's the character you love to hate and in my opinion has one of the best deliveries on tv. There was a lot of Randy being an idiot, so that was fun. It didn't need to be an hour long though, mainly because it delayed...

The Office - Yeah, Jim and Pam are together, as we knew they would be! The episode was a little Michael heavy, and I hope with Jam back in shape that the show can get back to basics. We need more Dwight/Jim antics and Jim/Pam chemistry. But it was definitely funny and still one of the smartest shows on tv!

That's it...we're still waiting on 30 Rock and Scrubs, but so far it's been a great set of premieres!


LadyStahl said...

My favorites are CSI, CSI Miami, Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives. My Name is Earl is good too...I think that is one you either like or you don't! I also...guilty as charged watch the biggest loser.

Kelly said...

I loved How I Met Your Mother (also love the mystery of the mother) and The Office! I love that it was 1hr!! But I can't wait for Scrubs to start too. If we decide to get into Heroes you'll have to fill me in.

Sorry I missed you today. Hopefully we can get together soon.