Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Critics

Disclaimer: I am not currently, nor have I ever been a fan of Britney Spears' music or lifestyle. (ok, so one time before I got my Ipod, I was totally jamming to this song at the gym only to find out later that it was hers.)

Have you heard all the drama over Britney Spears' performance at the VMA's. There was a headline on Yahoo the other day about how awful her body looked. Of course, I eagerly clicked the link, hoping to see Britney's out of shape mom body thereby feeling a little better about my own. This is a sample of what I found. I was sorely disappointed and instead of feeling better, I felt worse.

Now, I fully understand the personal ramifications of wanting to glory in someone else's misfortune, but let's overlook my wrongdoing for a moment. Maybe I am jaded by my own self-image, but I thought she looked damn good for recently having two kids and a meltdown. The press, however, made her out to be huge and a gross display of someone who has let themselves go...what does that say about the rest of us? I know she's a celebrity and held to a higher standard, but come on!!

I don't personally care if Britney Spears is attacked for her body - I guess if you choose to flaunt it...but I definitely care about the message being sent to every woman who read that description only to find a picture of a body they'd love to have.


LadyStahl said...

Ellen said that same thing today about how many women would kill for that body. I think they are razing her because of how she used to look...more like she cared about herself. I thought her body was fab...would love to have it...but man the performance was HORRIBLE! That should have been the focus, not her bod..poor girl.

Kelly said...

I totally agree! This has really been bothering me. Yeah, she wasn't in the best shape she's been in before but she still looked great! NOT fat by any means. And people wonder why so many young girls/women have body image issues!

morgan said...

Considering she has recently had 2 babies & both of those were like 3 days apart, her body was good. I don't really care about how your body looks, but don't wear an outfit made for a 10 yr. old if you don't have the body to go w/ it. I guess I just wouldn't want my butt to be hanging out of my shorts. A friend of mine said he liked the way her body looked, that it reminded him of a belly dancer. Apparently she was supposed to have worn a corset but she didn't think that was sexy enough. I would've gone w/ that idea if I were her

Jeff & Nikki Goedeker said...

First of all, I told Jeff about the TV (and he said "Nice!") Sorry! : (

Secondly, I don't get it. The media rips on all of the girls saying they are too skinny nowadays, and now you get Britney Spears dancing on stage looking like that and they are saying she is fat! There is no happy median, the media is going to rip on you if you are in the spotlight no matter what you do or look like. (But, I wouldn't have chosen that outfit if I had 2 kids and she should have known that wearing something like that would let everyone compare her body to how it looked 5 years ago).