Thursday, October 18, 2007

His first sign and more...

We are now less than a month away from Evan's first birthday, and we've definitely entered the toddler stage. Evan almost always chooses to walk rather than crawl. He's even gone outside and walked on the leaves - he loved the crunch. He's so adventurous. He's learned how to get up on the couch all by himself, which is just one more thing I have to look out for! Yesterday he actually reached up to grab a doorknob to open a door, luckily he's still too short. I think he's finally starting to slow down his growth. Good thing, because he's already in 18 mos clothes, #4 diapers, and size 6 shoes!

Besides becoming increasingly brilliant and mischievous, Evan has also picked up a few new skills. He finally started clapping. I might have Lauren's girls to thank for this because he wasn't doing it until our play date with them last week. Now as soon as he hears you clap, even if he can't see you, he'll start clapping too - it's super cute! He's become a pro at throwing a ball back and forth and he does a great job at putting things "back in." Today he dumped all of his legos out of his truck and then proceeded to put them all back in one by one - apparently he got Jeff's gene on this one!

I think Evan did his first sign today as well. This one amazes me because I don't really sign with him all that much. It was the sign for "all done," or at least the sign I use for "all done." It's one that Lindsay used a lot but that was several months ago. I use it, but definitely not on a regular basis. I've been noticing that for about a week or so at meals whenever he starts to act full and I ask him if he's all done, he waves at me. At first I thought it was just a coincidence, but then I started to sign back to him by shaking both hands. Today at lunch I asked him if he was all done and he waved both hands at me...I don't that a sign - I guess so.

We're still waiting on that first word and he still doesn't say mama in any form, but he sure does jabber all the time. He's saying something, we just don't know what. These pictures can be captioned in the following order: "oh, the fun you can have with a red bucket," and "I'm innocent, I promise."


LadyStahl said...

We saw the dr. today and she said by the time they are 1 they should be able to say 0-5 words, so don't worry about it! Glad he is starting to sign and clap :-)

morgan said...

what a genius, maybe takes after me?!

Maya said...

His first birthday is really a month away? Yikes!

That sounds like the sign for all done...go Evan!