Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I'm officially on Fall Break! I have the rest of the week off, but to get that third day I had to work Parent Conferences. I've put in two 12 hour days and I'm pretty wiped out! I was able to come home for about an hour and a half before dinner both days, so at least I got to spend some time with Evan. I'm really excited to spend so much time at home with him!

On Saturday we're taking Evan to my mom's for his first overnight stay. She watches him once a week so I know he'll be comfortable with her and she'll do a good job, but I can't help but still be nervous about the whole thing. I really just have to shut my brain off when I get to thinking about it because I'll start coming up with every possible thing that could go wrong and I know that's irrational. It reminds me of when Evan was still a newborn. If I hadn't heard him make a sound for a while at night, I'd start to worry he'd stopped breathing and I'd want to get up and check on him every five minutes. Eventually I started making myself stay in bed and realize that those fears were mostly irrational. I'd still sweat it out sometimes until I heard him again, but at least I wasn't getting up all the time.

I think you have to reach that point as a parent. There are so many things that could happen, if you worried and stressed over all of them that's all you'd get done and your child would be living in a bubble. I guess that you have to pick your battles. In this instance, I know that Jeff and I could really benefit from the time alone and the extra sleep, so I'm going to let this one go.

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Kelly said...

Enjoy your night alone!!