Saturday, October 13, 2007

We Passed

We nailed our inspection, so it looks like this selling-our-condo thing is really going to happen. Actually, there were a few things that they caught during the inspection, but the buyer said as long as we leave the IKEA shelves in the bedroom, he wouldn't ask us to fix them. We like our shelves, but behind them lie a bunch of holes from our novice attempts at hanging them. It's best for everyone if they stay where they are.

Asking us to leave things has become a trend with our buyer. As part of the purchase agreement he asked us to leave our curtains, and not just the ones on the windows. He wants our shower curtains too - weird, huh? Not sure I'd want to use someone else's shower curtain, but whatever.

We haven't started packing yet, but will very soon. First, I think I'm going to do a video tour of our condo so that Evan will be able to remember his first home. I expect to get a little nostalgic when we start packing. This condo was my first home as a homeowner, then it became our first home when we got married. More recently it's become the home we've started our family in, and it's all Evan has known in his short year of life. There are a lot of great memories here!


LadyStahl said...

I can't believe he wants your shower curtains, I have never heard of such things...very strange...glad you passed the inspection and I love the video tour idea...all our girls have known is that stupid apartment...we can't wait for them to be in the house...congrats!

Kelly said...

Congrats on passing the inspection! That is very odd that he wants your shower curtain! We moved from our first house when Thomas was 9mo and we also did a video tour. I'm glad we have that now. Have fun packing!