Sunday, November 11, 2007


Shayna took Evan's one year pictures this weekend and so far they look really great! We had trouble with the family shots, though. We took the pics outside and Evan was not at all interested in sitting on our laps or letting us hold him, he only wanted to be down running around. Hopefully there will be a few good ones because I'm actually considering sending Christmas cards this year. I always say I will and then never do, this might be the year that changes...check your mailboxes.

We've started the process of weaning Evan off the bottle, but so far he doesn't seem to enjoy milk in a cup. I can usually get a few swigs out of him but then he's over it. We celebrate his birthday this week and hopefully we'll be turning his car seat around as well. He still doesn't say any real words, but he has definitely perfected his whine - Who knew your child's voice could be so annoying!

I know that this round of holidays won't be Evan's first, but in a lot of ways it feels that way. He was only a few weeks old last Thanksgiving and in the hospital over Christmas, so I'm really excited to bring Evan to all the family functions this year. I already love Thanksgiving and Christmas, but having Evan there will make it even better.

Evan's been doing some really cute things lately that I've been trying to catch on video and if I do, I'll post them. One is that he started dancing. Jeff and I watch this show on HGTV and it has really fun theme music. We watch it a lot so Evan has come to recognize the music - anytime he hears it come on he starts to dance and get excited. Of course, his dancing mainly consists of twirling in circles and stomping his feet - it's adorable. He also found his nose this weekend. I don't think he's actually picking it yet, more so just exploring, but it's pretty humorous.

I have taken very few pictures since moving, so I don't really have any to add with this post...that's one of my goals this week. Also, a house update - we're giving serious thought to placing an offer on a house, but we're still weighing all the options...we'll keep you "posted."


LadyStahl said...

I can't get the girls to drink milk out of a cup either, water no prob, milk forget the house you put an offer on, in Oaks of Avon? :-)

Jeanelle said...

Yes :-)

Kelly said...

Be warned that the whining actually gets worse ;) I love watching toddlers dancing! Good luck deciding about the house!

Maya said...

I can't wait to see the pictures! Zane was so cooperative for recent family photos either!