Sunday, December 02, 2007

Catch Up

We put away Evan's bottles today. I think we stopped using them sometime around Thanksgiving. That proved to be an easy transition, but the pacifier...not so much. We've stopped giving it to him at bedtime and that goes fairly well, but naps are still iffy and it's still our "go to" if he wakes up too early in the morning. Can you blame us? I mean who wouldn't take an extra hour of sleep? The first couple bedtimes without the pacifier were pretty rough...lots of crying...but it's gotten better with each night.

Evan loves milk, so that's helped the transition. I think he's actually drinking a lot more than the pediatrician said he needed. As soon as you give him his cup he starts guzzling. Today at church, when Jeff went to get Evan from the nursery, he saw that Evan had taken another boy's sippy cup and was secretly drinking all of his milk. Jeff said that he even had a sly look on his face as he was caught in the act.

We also have an update on our house hunt. We've been doing a lot of thinking lately about this pending purchase and commitment. There are a few criteria our future home has to meet if we plan to call it home indefinitely, but those criteria come with price tags. We've been really rethinking what we can "afford," especially if my income continues to get more flexible. As a result of all this soul searching, we're trying to prioritize our must-haves so that we can begin searching below our means. Not that our price range was a lofty one, but we want to be free to do a lot more than just own a house.

We looked at a home this weekend that falls within the new price range and meets those must-haves, but it needs a lot of aesthetic improvements on the inside and some work on the outside. Jeff and I are not the least bit handy, so this house would be a scary venture for us. Luckily, my Dad is a contractor and we have some handy friends, so it might be a possibility. Our minds change about every two minutes. Just when we get excited about the improvements we could make, we get scared that it will be more work than we can handle. Stay tuned though, we'll be making a decision soon.


LadyStahl said...

Congrats on the no bottle and good luck in making your decision. At least aesthetics can be fixed over time. As long as there aren't any major structural defects you should be on the way!

morgan said...

as i said, i like this house, i think you should do it! :)

Maya said...

I keep trying to think about the pacifier thing and then can't commit to it. Especially while he's teething!

That's hilarious that Even grabbed someone else's sippy cup!

And if you guys need any help with the house just let us know!