Monday, December 03, 2007


Every day Evan is more and more like a little boy. Yesterday we spent some time trying to color. Usually he just tries to eat the crayon, but I think he was starting to catch on. I can't wait for the day that he brings me his first picture. I read somewhere that the best way to teach a skill like coloring is to model it for him, so Jeff and I have talked about instituting a family coloring time.

Evan is also understanding a lot more of what we say. We've actually started to spell some words, mainly to do with food, because if he hears them he starts to whine. A few days ago I was really excited because I asked him to bring me a book and he did. I know that sounds simple, but it was really cool.

We've been trying to find a realistic but child-proof guitar for Evan. For Christmas we got him a toy guitar, but he can't "play it" like a real one. Jeff usually keeps his guitar out on its stand and Evan is so enamored by it. He's always strumming it and he gets so excited by the music he makes. We have no idea if he's been fortunate enough to inherit Jeff's musical ability, but we want to provide him every opportunity to explore that if he has.

I'm getting so excited for Christmas break. I'll have 2+ weeks off, but Jeff's company is giving them the week of Christmas off too, so we'll have a nice long time at home together. I love my days at home with Evan, but they're even better when Jeff is here too!


morgan said...

i love to color! make sure you teach him to outline everything with a dark shade, then color in with a light shade!

Maya said...

That is such a sweet photo of you two! I love the idea of coloring time! Perfect!