Thursday, January 17, 2008


I've been talking a lot lately about the great deal you can get by buying a repossessed home. It's true. Typically, you get more house for less and you walk in to instant equity. As long as the house doesn't need too many repairs, or you're super handy, buying a repossessed home can be a great way to find the house you want for the price you need.

However, every now and then I'll find myself noticing something about our house that I really like or wish was different and I remember that someone once picked that out. Someone spent months dreaming about making our house their home. They picked out the lot; picked out counter tops and paint colors. While it was being built, they drove by often to check on the progress. Then after only a year and a half, something happened and they lost their home.

I love our house and I know that it is the house we were supposed to have, but I'm also sad that our gain was someone else's loss. It's also in those moments that we're reminded how easily something like that can happen, and we're warned to never take our financial well-being for granted. And maybe that I don't need the cool sweater I think I have to have or to turn up the thermostat those extra degrees:-)

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morgan said...

it's hard to think that we all have to be so careful, that so much of the population, even though appearing well off, is so close to poverty level. even though the work wears me down, i'm so grateful that God has put all of it there for me so we can have the money we do.