Friday, February 29, 2008

Too cute for words

Today was Evan's big evaluation with First Steps. He definitely passed in the cute department. Evan was full of charm from the moment he welcomed them at the door. I suppose we'll need to explain to him that he can't rely on his looks forever.

They watched him play, eat, and interact with us. He didn't miraculously begin speaking intelligibly while they were here, so they do think he may have a slight communication delay. We'll find out in a couple of weeks if he qualifies for speech therapy.

They also noticed (which may or may not be related) that he doesn't seem to bite or chew at an age appropriate level. They asked if I'd seen him taking bites off larger pieces of food and I didn't really know because I cut up everything. Of course I do, I'm a good parent and don't want him to choke, right...ok, so it might also have something to do with wanting to be able to leave him unattended while I get things done in the kitchen (and sometimes the adjoining room.) Now that I've learned my negligence has lead to a biting deficiency, I'll spend at least part of the meal modeling that skill and helping him practice. The nerve of them...asking me to parent my child.
It really was a great experience, and they left us with a lot of techniques to try before he hopefully begins work with the speech therapist. I felt like just answering their questions opened my eyes to so many things I never knew to pay attention to, but will from now on. Overall, I'm a lot less worried about him. He's delayed, but I already knew that. It was a relief, though, to hear that it's only a slight delay and with a little extra help he should be back on track.


morgan said...

the breaking food into small pieces part is difficult. I think I would do the same thing....I do when I babysit cause it's safer, but sometimes they do end up putting too much in their mouths anyway. And he's gotta build up that jaw and tongue. Good luck Evan!

kroskieville said...

I am like Morgan on the tearing the food up. It is a habit we are being cautious. I have been around Evan, and I am glad you are keeping up with what his progression is, but honestly don't worry too much about this. I have seen how Evan watches everything and listens to what you are saying. No two children are the same, and you are a great Mom and very active in your of parenting. Give him a smooch for me.

Maya said...

I cut everything up I would have no clue on that as well! You guys are doing so great with Evan and he'll be speaking so much eventually!!!