Sunday, February 24, 2008


Evan was 15 mos old a week ago, and even though I had given myself permission to officially begin worrying at this point, I haven't so much. His big test is on Friday, so we've been making him study around the clock. Plus, we're hoping to sneak him the answers so he'll get an 'A.' That's all appropriate parenting, right?

Ok, so he hasn't been studying. Honestly, with all of the pretzel eating and playing with pepper, when would he have the time? You can't expect someone with so much on his plate, to bother with something as ordinary as speech.

However, it does seem that he may be saying a few words. Yeah, how did we go from scheduling a First Steps evaluation to thinking that he's saying a "few" words? I'm not really sure. His words are very unassuming and they've always seemed a little too generalized to label them as such. We think that he's saying truck, car, hello, bye, and maybe dad, or at least "Evanized" versions of those words. We're still unsure though, so we're anxious to hear what FS has to say.

Regarding the crux of Evan's crowning achievements - gross motor skills...He came in at 30 lbs and 35 inches at this doctor's appointment. Way to stick with what you know, Evan...Who needs language development when you've got 97th percentiles!


Kelly said...

Way to grow, Evan!

When Griffin was in speech, I was surprised that they count things as words that no one else could understand. He used to say "gunk" for drink, but she said it was a word b/c he was consistent with it. It wasn't what I was expecting, but I was glad to know that it was "normal".

Maya said...

I have been so worried that Zane hasn't said words yet too. He'll mumble things but nothing too clear. It's so hard not to worry.

And Evan is towering over Zane! He could beat him up! Ha!