Monday, March 17, 2008

Blogs, Blogs, and More Blogs

I finally broke down and set-up Google Reader. I actually really enjoy going down my list of favs and checking out each blog individually and being surprised when I see their new post - pretty dorky, I know. But, these days, I'm reading more blogs than I came keep up with manually. I think it started to get out of hand when I joined BlogHer - they post links to four other blogs each day with their ads and of course, I have to check them out.

I also finally got around to adding a list of the "strangers" I like to eavesdrop on - the professional bloggers who have tons of readers and are way more interesting...check 'em out if you haven't already.

Well, Jeff is home today because he's not feeling well, so I'm blowing off the elliptical again to watch Flight of the Concords. Hope everyone's sporting their green and having a great St. Patrick's Day.


Kelly said...

I recently started using google reader too b/c I was reading too many too keep up with. I do still like to do it manually sometimes. I'll have to check out your strangers. Some of them sound familiar so maybe I already have ;)

p said...

I noticed my blog isn't under family and friends? I actually might fit under strangers.

Holly said...

If only reading blogs could be a full time job. I'd be into overtime for sure!!! ;)