Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Communication Breakdown

We've officially scheduled our first speech therapy appointment. Things will finally get started this Monday. I'm anxious to see what she'll do and if he'll cooperate.

He's communicating so much more these days and he's starting to pick up more signs. We've always used signs here and there, but he's learning them so much quicker now. He knows and uses the following: more, drink, eat, cookie, all done, please, help, banana, and cheese. I try to add a few new ones each week. Right now we're working on thank you, grapes, and milk (which he actually used to know as a baby.) The signs have helped decrease the grunting and that's good for my sanity!

He says a few words too, although they're still not very clear. Train, tractor, and truck all sound the same. He says car, down, hi, hello, and dad. He also says "Where did it go," which is super cute because he throws his hands up when he says it.

Still no "mama" yet, but I think I'm going to teach him the sign. If I can't hear him say it, at least I'll get to see him say it!


morgan said...

I truly am blown away by how smart he is with the signs and how much he remembers. He knows what everything means, just not how to say it. He is a very smart boy though! and still super cute!

Kelly said...

Great job with the signs! One of Thomas' first sentences was "where did it go" too and it was so cute! Sounds like he's doing great already and I bet the speech therapy will get him talking even more in no time!

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Alexis knew probably twenty signs before she would do Mommy. Daddy was one of her first signs, so I think she did it just to annoy me.

Great job teaching him all those signs!

Maya said...

Good job with the signing! I think one of the hardest things with it is remembering to do it ourselves! Ha!

Keep us updated!