Friday, April 18, 2008

So, you wanted a tree line...

Well, here you go.

It's ours, it's all ours. This hot mess of trees, sticker bushes, and dead limbs is ours. We thought some of it might belong to us, but assumed the majority was easement. We were wrong. We had our survey done today and the stakes went well past the last tree.

(That's our house through the threes.)

Apparently we live on a "wooded" and quite large lot and we didn't even know it. You'd think we'd be overjoyed by this discovery, but did you read the part about it being a hot mess? Our neighbors cleared their mess out with a Bobcat - that sounds seriously involved. Not to mention the fact that we're planning on building a fence in a few short weeks. I doubt we'll be able to get it cleared out by then, but luckily the fence company said that as long as there's a path for them to follow, they can go ahead.

We talked to our fourth fence company today and I think we've finally made our decision. We were nervous to talk to our neighbors, but when we did, we found out that they were also planning to build a fence. We agreed on a style, so we'll be splitting the cost of one side - talk about being neighborly! The fence is going to look really nice and should be done by the end of May.

In the meantime, if you need us, you'll know where to our backyard, we'll be working our tail off and probably covered with thorns!


morgan said...

whatever we can do to help, let us know

LadyStahl said...

Wow, your yard is HUGE! I didn't realize...I am jealous...I think we are going to DYI our fence, we got approval from the HOA. Do you know if we need a building permit?