Monday, April 07, 2008

Speech therapy begins

We had our first speech therapy session today, and it went really well. She gave me several good things to try with him and she pointed out a lot of words that she thought he was saying. I'm not completely convinced he said all of those words, but she emphasized that we should interpret those sounds as the words appropriate to the situation, even if they're not, so that he'll begin to catch on. She played specific games to encourage mimicking and she signed everything she said. She focussed some on his chewing/biting, but she agrees with the evaluators that with more practice he should begin chewing correctly on his own.

From the outside looking in, you'd think that all she did was play with him, but I could tell by his mood that it was much more than that. By the end of the session, Evan started to get really grumpy and clingy, which isn't like him (at least the clingy part.) It was only an hour, but he was wiped out.

She'll be coming weekly, and I'm excited to see the progress he'll make!

It was also so warm and beautiful today that we had our afternoon snack outside, picnic style. I added these pictures as further proof of his completely kissable arms...sometimes I just want to gobble him up!


Holly said...

great news... you make me wonder if my daughter needs some speech therapy. hmmmm.

my sister needed it (over 28 years ago) so you never know. My son gabbed practically from day 1 so it's really odd that Sam isn't as chatty. Well, she does have her OWN language! LOL...

and yes, chomp on those arms all you want. :)

morgan said...

i'm glad you finally got to start w/ her. i hope it works!

wendy said...

My gosh, he's a cutie pie! Glad all is going well.

LadyStahl said...

I am glad it went well and I told you he was saying some things :-) I hope it continues to go well!