Friday, May 09, 2008

Not Buying It

And because I fully believe in conspiracy theories, I'm participating in this blogger's Filch It Friday: "Things I don't believe in."

1) The three hour nap - I've experienced this phenomenon so rarely, that I really doubt it still exists.
2) Weight loss tea - I've tried it, and C'mon, a tea that helps you lose weight? Who's buying that?
3) Watering plants - There are forests everywhere that rely on nothing but rain from God to survive and they do just fine, so why should we have to water our flowers every day?
4) Car maintenance - I think it's all a bit overrated. Isn't it odd that the people we'd have to pay to preform the maintenance are the very ones telling us we need it?
5) Drama - Unless you're willing to come to me and talk about it, I'm pretty much going to ignore it and happily go on about my business. Life is too short to spend it wrapped up in drama!
6) A healthy food item that my toddler will eat - But, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, and microwave burritos he loves, not that we serve those in our house or anything!
7) Reading instructions - Unless it involves complicated construction, I usually opt out of the instructions. It's all about conserving time and being the most efficient. I figure it takes a lot longer to read the instructions before getting started, than it does to refer back to them as you go and usually the result is the same. This is also the reason I'm not allowed to open things until Jeff gets home.
8) Staying at work any later than it takes for you to get today's work done - When you're done, you leave, you'll have plenty to come back to tomorrow.
9) Only listening to "kid music." - It's not that I'm selfish and only want to listen to my music (which is far superior, by the way,) but I'm bringing depth and variety to his musical palette...uh, yeah, that's it.
10) Buying Evan tons of stuff - I heard once that if you want to teach your child to be grateful, you have to give him less. All jokes aside, this is an important concept that we want to impress upon him.

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morgan said...

i agree! especially with #'s 5 & 7. As Mary J. Blige would say, "No more drama, no more pain!" and usually i need instructions for the instructions anyway, so i've realized i shouldn't even bother