Friday, May 09, 2008

Evan's got his own hack

And/or "Some of the ways that tupperware can entertain your toddler while you're busy blogging cleaning." The pics are a tad blurry, but don't forget that I was very preoccupied by the cleanliness of our home!

Tupperware makes a great percussion instrument and reverberates nicely on the wood floor.

It can become a skateboard that passes toddler safety regulations.

And a it's great place to take a load off and contemplate the rest of your day.


Terri said...

Tupperware is awesome!

morgan said...

those are cute....but are you seriously letting him play w/ your beloved tupperware?? isn't that stuff like priceless to you?!

Colleen said...

what a cutie! we have those same socks (and those look a bit like rubbermaid food containers?)