Sunday, May 04, 2008

It's about splashing time

I am entirely too far behind in my blogging! My in-laws went home today, so I'm hoping to play catch up. I have at least four posts that I'd like to write, but I doubt I'll get to all of them. I lead a pretty exciting life where blog-worthy events happen all the time, so I can't risk getting too far behind...Ok, that's not really true, but still...let's start with the most recent.

Evan experienced a first tonight. At eighteen months old, he took his first bath, unbridled, in the "big tub."

When he was 5 mos old, we started giving him baths in this inflatable tub. This weekend that tub broke. Hmm, I wonder if it broke because we were still stuffing our 31 lb toddler into it? I can't even definitively say why we hadn't stopped using it sooner. It was probably a combination of things...being married to routine, not wanting to sit him in the germ-infested tub, not wanting to actually maintain cleanliness of said tub, and the fact that he just looked so darn cute in the thing.

Either way, those days are over. We bought a fun bath mat that we'll use only during his bath time (to prevent from having to do the whole "clean the bathtub on a regular basis" thing.) I also realized that even with our second, there won't be any reason to replace the inflatable tub, because the two will probably take baths together.

It was another one of those mom moments where you realize how fast it's all going. It seems like just yesterday that he seemed so small in his old tub. But, tonight as I watched him play in the "big tub" with all of his toys, I kept thinking, "wow, how were we still cramming him into that thing?"

You'll get an honorable mention if you're the first to comment with the number of times I said "tub" in this post


LadyStahl said...

I think you said it 8 times in the post, 9 if you include the "tub" in the comment section. I am glad Evan got to experience the Big Boy Tub. The girls love to on special nights we let them in our bathroom since we have a garden is pretty cute. Don't the grow way to fast!

morgan said...

8-9 is what i found as well! can't wait to see pictures of him in that "tub"

Holly said...

if you're worried about the tub being germ infested, just wait until they are IN the tub and decide to go "potty". lol... have fun with that. Oh, I'm not talking pee either.

Ashley said...

HAHAHA! Love that the tub BROKE. That is classic. Talking about growing toddlers, we hosted a dad and his baby boy this morning for "Mother's Day foot painting." I did Wynn's feet and he did his little boy's feet. Wynn has MONSTER feet and I was, all of a sudden, freaked that she was growing so quickly.

Cheers to spring weather and guilt-free Target shopping.

wendy said...

it's all so very bittersweet when they move on...