Monday, May 05, 2008

More painting

We were able to spend a lot of qt with the in-laws. We hadn't seen Jeff's Mom since Christmas. We we were worried Evan would be leery of her, and he was a little bit, but he warmed up pretty quickly.

Jeff and I both had to work on Thursday, so they watched Evan. His Mom ended up babysitting on Friday too, because while Jeff was at work, Dave and I spent the whole day painting his office as an early birthday gift.

It took us 6+ hours to paint the room because it was two different colors plus a stripe. I had his favorite movie poster framed, and I wanted the room to be "complete" before putting it up. He had already picked out the colors, but it was a complete surprise when he came home to the painted room.

Since we were all home on Saturday, we hung out and played games and then that night Jeff's mom stayed home so we could go watch Ironman, more to come on that later. It was a great visit and hopefully it won't be as long until the next one!


morgan said...

i like it! is that black?

VerWaynia said...

No, it's a deep blue - kind of navy but not. The other color is kind of a grayish blueish white.

Amanda said...

Your office looks awesome! We thought about doing a stripe in our office too. :)

Maya said...

Loving the stripe!