Monday, May 26, 2008

Tired out

This post would actually be a lot shorter if I wrote about the things we didn't do this weekend. Thursday started things off with our fence going up. Jeff and I considered doing the fence ourselves. A second later we changed our minds, and I'm so glad we did. We would have needed a lot of help, and it would have taken us all summer to finish that job. However, we went to work on Thursday as the fence company was setting up, and came home to a fully fenced yard. It was great!

Friday night we drove (3+ hours) to Evansville to help my mother-in-law downsize her living arrangement. This worked out well for me, because the new kitchen doesn't have room for her navy blue KitchenAid stand mixer. I told her I'd take one for the team, and try to give it a good home. Jeff moved furniture and boxes all day Saturday, while I entertained Evan. We had dinner with family and then got right back in the car and drove (3+ hours) home. Evan slept through both trips which was very nice of him!

Sunday, we (but mostly Jeff) spent the whole day (because we skipped church) getting rid of our last pile of "sticks," redistributing the dirt from the fence post holes, mowing, and killing poison ivy. We had a cookout today with friends from church and we wanted the yard to look its best - it mostly cooperated.

Today's cookout was our first large gathering in our new house and it was so great to not feel claustrophobic! We also found out that our yard is big enough for a decent game of football, and lends itself well to boccie ball. After living and entertaining in the condo for so long, it was nice to stretch out.

The weekend is almost over. Jeff ran out to buy a ceiling fan for Evan's room - If we're going to win the yearly competition with our AC, his room is going to need some air circulation. I just got the very fortunate phone call from him asking what I want from Cold Stone...hmm...chocolate cake batter and mint ice creams with hot fudge and oreos...what a way to top off a long weekend!


morgan said...

the fence looks great and so does evan in his new shirt!

Kelly said...

The fence looks great! I was so glad when we had ours done too instead of trying ourselves. Evan is getting so big!

Cold Stone is my favorite! Yum! I had no idea they had chocolate cake batter! I love the regular cake batter.

LadyStahl said...

I love the fence, and can't wait to see it in person...yippy!

Anonymous said...

Did you see Tranny's TIT this week? It's about IN. I defended it. Soley for footballish reasons, but I did defend.