Wednesday, May 28, 2008

One more day

I can't believe it, but tomorrow is my last day of work until August 12th. My boss asked me yesterday if I was excited - uh, yes! I'm looking forward to all the time with Evan and I can't wait to enjoy our new surroundings this summer - but you know, my job really isn't so bad. It's actually been a pretty good fit for us. Where else can you work three days/week, be home by 3:30 (if you don't go to Target,) and get summers off? Plus, they're talking about giving us part timers PTO - that would be icing on the cake. Although, I'd still have to say the pool is better than work any day!

Today is the students' last day so I've been going to grade level ceremonies all day. It's interesting to meet all the parents and then compare their behavior with their child's. It's moments like that when I'm reminded to watch what I say and do around Evan.

For instance, the other day he was playing with a truck and it ran into my foot. I said "ouch!" Seconds later, he said "ouch!" I'm impressed by his rapidly improving language development, but I realized that the "ouch" could have easily been another word (or two.) One thing I appreciate about my parents is that I don't remember ever hearing them say a cuss word the entire time I was growing up. As a parent now, I realize how hard that must have been. Those words aren't part of my regular vocabulary, but if a pot falls or I burn my might slip out.

The speech therapist has been really encouraging Evan to mimic our words and it appears to be working. As Evan begins to talk and mimic more, we're trying to keep in mind the influence we have on his vocabulary. I do have an update on Evan's speech - he says "mama" now - for real. If it had been one of those "ah ha" moments, I would have done a post about it. But it sort of just slowly evolved. He still doesn't use it to get my attention, but sometimes when I enter the room or Jeff points to me, he'll say it. He also says please now, and it's way cute.


Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoy your summer!You have a lovely blog!

Shamelessly Sassy said...

the above comment is mine, but I accidentally hit anonymous. Sorry! :)

morgan said...

i agree about mom and dad. not sure how they did it all those years! i think the most i ever hear (in a cussing manner) was "crap"! I'm amazed sometimes how some words slip out of my mouth so easily when they shouldn't. That's something i know i'll have to work on!

Terri said...

I must say I'm a little envious but I hope you enjoy your summer with Evan! Your yard is beautiful and looks like a fun place to hang out.