Monday, June 30, 2008

Evan didn't get ejected

This weekend we went to my nephew's wedding. Ryan and Deanna have been together since high school, so their wedding has been highly anticipated. Everything turned out great and Deanna was gorgeous. Should one man be so lucky? I mean, geez, he already interned with the Colts and now he gets to marry Miss Right!

This wedding was a first for us - We took Evan to the wedding and reception. He's been to one other wedding, but not the 5 hour combo. Jeff was an usher in Ryan's wedding, so he was tied up all day with "usherly" duties, which left Morgan me to deal with Evan. He did really well - not perfect, but much better than expected. We kept his mouth full of food during the wedding and we got a high chair for the reception - both worked wonders. Plus, with all of the family present at the wedding, there was always someone willing to help - We even got to dance once!

We stayed with Morgan and Travis on Friday and it was fun hanging out, but we stayed up too late, of course. By the trip home, Evan was on his fourth night of going to bed after 9:00. That never happens - we are faithful 7:30'ers. We were sure he'd fall asleep as soon as we handed him his teddy bear. Can you believe not only did he absolutely refuse to hold his bear or blanket, but he didn't sleep a wink the entire hour drive home. That boy didn't go to bed Saturday night until 10:30!

One of the perks of this wedding was that Jeff had to buy a suit. He's never had one until now. I like my man in a suit - bring on the weddings!!


morgan said...

jeff and travis both looked smokin' in their new suits! they did a great job w/ their "ushering" duties as well!

Nathan, Jan and Eva said...

that is an awesome picture!

Maya said...

Glad to hear Evan did pretty good at the wedding!

wendy said...

Glad Evan did so well for you! Kids can be so unpredictable...what's up with that?! LOL! You all looked beautiful at the wedding.

Pam said...

Again thanks so much for making the trip and to Jeff for walking me down the isle!! And Evan for being the best nephew there!@!!