Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I'll be busy for a while

Ok, maybe only for the thirty minutes it takes me to devour it. See, there's this comic book "geek" site that for some strange reason posts a lot about Heroes too. I don't know why, it's obviously not a show for geeks! (I DON'T want to hear it, Travis! There - are you happy? I've formally addressed you on the blog.)

Anyway, one of the super cool things they did during the show was post a weekly column called Behind the Eclipse. It's a Q&A with a few of the show's writers (who also write for comic books) about plot, hidden meanings, what's next, and fan theories. AND it's full of teasers.

Since the writers' strike prevented Behind the Eclipse from posting about the majority of last season, they promised a huge edition with tons of backlogged material. That was April. They're a few months behind, but it was finally released yesterday!

When I get back from reading the article, I'll post pictures from our visit with friends and trip to the zoo this weekend!

Oh, and in the meantime, Evan will be making more of his potato head masterpieces...

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morgan said...

it cracks me up how Evan puts pieces on there that don't go where he put them, but he gets so excited about it! And God forbid you ever try to put all the pieces back inside before he's done! :)