Sunday, June 01, 2008

Let me count the ways

Before I go any further, yes, Morgan, that is the shirt you got him. Yes, the one he's getting chalk and water all over. To be fair, he did wear it to church today.

This was another one of those shockingly productive weekends that we seem to have a lot more often since buying our house. Saturday, I had the pleasure of hosting the sometimes twice annual get together with my friends from college. There are eight of us, and even though a lot has changed in each of our lives, we still enjoy hanging out. We used to take weekend trips, but many marriages and babies later, it's mostly lunch and a long afternoon of catching up. Actually, I really miss our trips. There's something about having to get ready in the morning with seven other girls that really brings on the bonding. The baby count in our group is up to six with one more on the's a picture of Evan with three of the newest editions.

Today we cleaned out the garage and installed our new ceiling fans, which I'll post more on later. We also inflated the pool that I just had to have for Evan (and myself.) I wanted to get one big enough for us both to sit in on those hot days when I don't feel like walking to the neighborhood pool (or being seen in my swimsuit.) Mission accomplished - this thing is huge! We could seriously have a toddler pool party in there. I didn't think it was that big in the picture, and I didn't really intend to get one that big. But, much to my husband's dismay, "oh well." The issue is: what do you do with the pool when you're not using it or when, oh, I don't know...the wind blows? We had one last summer that was just big enough for Evan, so it was no big deal to relocate. Let alone all that water - last year I just dumped the water out each time. He's going to love it, though. He had a blast today and there wasn't even any water in it.

Evan has also become infatuated with the water hose. He could have done this all day, and I could have watched him all day. He was so funny. The water was super cold, so he kept gasping every time it hit him but he loved it and kept coming back for more. I love summer!!


morgan said...

even though that is his new shirt that i gave him, i'll let it slide since he's super cute in it and may even have won a wet t-shirt contest with it! :) said...

Wait until he figures out how to turn the hose on! The water bill goes up significantly.