Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I have this thing about routines. Once I find one that works, I rarely deviate without major intervention. Routines are familiar and comfortable, but much like my mom's breakfast pizza, they can sometimes be ran into the ground.

Hobbies, or how I spend my "free time" also fall into this category and they tend to come in phases. When I was on maternity leave (and lonely), I developed a huge obsession with sitcom reruns. I'd pick a show like Scrubs, King of Queens, or News Radio and I'd DVR every last episode until I'd seen them all.

Last summer I diversified and went through several phases. The thing is, these hobbies have to be time limited, because I will go completely overboard with each of them. This year, on my days off I was big on HGTV, until sometime late Winter when I couldn't stand the sight of the TV any longer and it seriously hasn't been on since.

My most recent infatuation is reading. Within the last week, I have finished FOUR novels. Tell me that's not just a tad crazy. The last one was 400+ pages and I stayed up too late last night finishing it.

I'm making myself take a break! But in the meantime, here are very quick reviews of the last three:

The Virgin of Small Plains - Like most of the books I read, this was a mystery, only it was done cold-case style. It was a quick read and pretty good.

Mr. Dixon Disappears: A Mobile Library Mystery - This is the second book from the series and I've really enjoyed both of them. They're quirky books about a librarian from London that's gone to work in Northern Ireland. The characters are eccentric and the mysteries are light-hearted - no murders here.

Running in Heels - I got this book, because I really enjoyed one of her other books, Getting Over It - I don't think I've ever laughed out loud so many times while reading a book. The author is British and her books have a very "Bridget Jone's Diary" feel. I didn't like this one as well, though. It still followed the "clumsy heroine" formula, but she had an eating disorder and I wasn't sure how well that worked in a book that's mostly a comedy.


Chantelle said...

I understand the obsessions. I am like that as well! But HOLY MOLY - that is a ton of reading. Hopefully this phase passes soon or your eyes may fall out...

morgan said...

thanks for the reviews. i wish i had time for that much reading...i'm proud when i can get 4 done in 6 months! but i have tried to do more & more reading in the last year. I miss being able to all the time. at least it's an obsession that's jogging your mind