Friday, July 25, 2008


Evan has entered a new stage. The one where his bed begins to look like a toy box. I'm not even sure where it all started, but now he can't go to sleep without taking something with him. Actually scratch that, I know exactly when it started, and it was Jeff's fault.

Jeff has these stuffed superhero figures (that some might call dolls.) He ran across them one day and thought that Evan would like them. Apparently this happened close to bedtime because he decided to let him sleep with them that night. Just one night. Yeah right, like that ever happens with a toddler. That was two months ago and now they're permanent residents.

He's always had a blanket and teddy bear in his crib. Then we added the three superhero dolls. More recently Evan decided that he just HAD to bring a book with him and today he threw a tantrum duped me into giving him a puzzle.

Let's review. In Evan's crib there are now the following: a blanket, teddy bear, Batman, Flash, Martian Man Hunter, 2 books, and a puzzle. Oh, and a toddler. Should I take back control and end this madness? The answer to that question is a big NO and I'll tell you why. Parenting is about picking your battles (among many other things.) He's a great sleeper, bedtime is a breeze, and lately his naps have been stupendous. This is a battle I'm not touching with a ten-foot pole!

No, this picture has nothing to do with Evan's crib situation, but it was taken this weekend and it cracks me up...Uncle Travis was doing a little babysitting while we watched the Dark Knight and this is the scene we witnessed upon opening the door. Evan barely acknowledged our return!


morgan said...

love it! the photo and the post! i think all kids go through that with having lots of stuff in their beds with them. On Sunday, I had felt bad taking Cassie with me to take the dog back and leaving Travis alone with Evan, but he did a super job! Even changed a diaper which he had never done before....only did it cause Evan had peed all over Travis while leaving the pool... :)

Kelly said...

Thomas and Griffin have both gone through toy box bed stages. He'll outgrow it. I agree it's not a battle worth fighting. Cute picture!