Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kicked my B-U-T-T

I went to my first ever Stroller Conditioning class today, and oh my goodness it worked me over. I was sore before I even made it home, so I can't imagine what I'll feel like tomorrow. It was good though and I plan to go back. I really need to work something like that back into my schedule. I used to love going to aerobics classes, but I've been reluctant to make time for things like that since having Evan.

The next class is Tuesday. I'm going back and you're my witnesses - No matter what I feel like tomorrow!


morgan said...

what does that class involve doing?

LadyStahl said...

oh fun, where did you find this class? Can you email me more details?

VerWaynia said...

Lunges (while pushing a stroller uphill) and squats and kicks and bandwork...generally, lots of torture!