Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Did they have to go home?

We had family/friends come stay with us this weekend and we had a great time. Evan thinks that cousin Zane is the coolest kid ever! He wanted to do everything he did and followed him around faithfully the entire time. He even granted him the highest honor - he said his name, fairly clear too. Every now and then he'd yell out "Zzzaaa" just to check on his whereabouts. He was still calling for him this morning when he woke up. It was really cute, and I felt bad telling him that Zane had gone home.

I also learned that life gets a lot easier when your kids have other kids around (say, brothers or sisters?) to entertain them. They'd be off in the sandbox or upstairs playing and we got to sit around and talk. I knew Zane would rat on Evan the minute he did anything he wasn't supposed to, so I sat back and relaxed. Granted, the honeymoon never wore off, so we didn't have to play referee or break up fights, but still - I'm thinking Evan needs a brother!

We all went to the zoo together and it was fun to see the difference a year made in Evan's awareness of the animals. He stayed awake for the whole trip and seemed to really enjoy all the different animals. There were tons of aha's, wow's, and whoa's - sure signs of Evan's approval!

This is Evan "post-zoo." Now, THAT is the face of a toddler who has had a great day!


Kelly said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! I love the last picture ;)

morgan said...

they both look like big boys. glad you all got to hang out and have fun. the last pic is great! Classic tired evan! you should print that one out,and put it in a frame next to his bed!